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    Website design & coding

    Chord Agency is devoted to bringing excellent solutions when it comes to website design for startups, companies and forward-thinking individuals. We know how hard it is to succeed in the world bursting with competition; still, we are here to bring your brilliant ideas to life, by following every necessary step along the way, from website design and coding, to content strategy and content creation. We are convinced that the best results are achieved only by the careful planning and working out even the smallest details before the launching. Our team of dedicated professionals is delivering optimal solutions in the efficient and timely-manner, with a possibility for a client to step up and take an active participation in the project, if they want so.

    The power of the adequate website design and its impact on the business

    The digital world offers some of the most sophisticated tools for achieving awesome business image; it would be a shame not to take an advantage of them all. Putting a trust in our website design team can be a great first step towards reaching this goal, and we will take care that you have a package that will represent your business in the best way possible. Website design is closely related with a successful brand strategy that can additionally affect the positive impact on your business, in terms of getting a wider audience, expanding the base of existing customers and increasing the amount of your incomes. After all, design is not merely an appearance and a shell, it has to work properly as well.

    Our numerous website design services include responsive and mobile web design, Web App UI design, company sites and micro-sites, product or marketing pages and so on. We have a great deal of experience with CMS systems that allow you the full control of your website, and we have a thing for front-end and UX, which allows us to deliver contemporary looking websites, designed in a meticulous way, with an easy navigation system, characterized by the utter functionality.

    Conceptual Design for Startups & Companies

    Our team of skilled professionals boasts a high level of knowledge when it comes to conceptual website design. We are not just another team of front-end developers or word-press amateurs. Here at Chord Agency, we thoroughly consider the entire concept of a future website, for we are already seasoned in marketing, advertising, branding and graphic design. Therefore, we are making sure that every element on your website brings the right message to the audience.

    Unlike our competitors that are interested in using only in template-based CMS without any knowledge of conceptual design and UX design, we want for our valued clients to get the most of our website design services. It is not easy, but we never shriek from these sorts of challenges.

    Our final goal is to provide our clients with a website that will set them above the competition in their industry, because the vast experience in marketing, branding and design is on our side. We perform a thorough research of competition, and we tend to provide you an advantage over the competitors, and we are passionate and dedicated to client's success.

    We are primarily focused on:

    • Your visual identity - because we want for your business to stand out from the crowd
    • Uniqueness - we tend to deliver the website solutions that are reinvigorating and captivating
    • Amazing website architecture - our websites are engaging and have a great user experience
    • Pleasant user experience - Our website solutions are easy to navigate and your clients will easily find any products or services they are interested in, which will probably result in a considerable percentage of positive conversions, for they will be successfully called to take a positive action on your website.
    • Audience-oriented websites - we create products that are entirely customized in accordance with the targeted audience, which means that you will be more likely to see positive results and even to gain even more clients interested in your services or products you sell.
    • Conceptual Design - we incorporate the right marketing elements in our design, by making sure they are strategically positioned across the site and sending a great message about your business.
    • Captivating design - because we want for our clients to enchant and retain the customers
    • Keeping Up with Trends - for being innovative is a must in order to enhance your business.
    • Competition research - maintaining a high position in the field of your industry has never been easier, with the assistance and support of our skilled team of experts.

    Front-end Development

    - Why HTML5 is an excellent choice?

    HTML5 has improved language features, which makes it an excellent choice for programmers and developers from all across the globe. Some of its most distinctive features are certainly neat codes, video and audio support that are certainly in favor of choosing it for front-end development projects. The highly responsive HTML5 coding takes a precedence when it comes to DOCTYPE and compatibility goes back to IE6, while its local storage feature is one of the best things about it. This is mixture of client-side database and cookies, but even better since it permits storage across numerous windows while being more safe and secure. This type of coding is optimized for mobile sites and apps as well. A responsive HTML5 product website will be entirely functional for all types of devices. The beauty of HTML5 coding hides in its potential when it comes to creating websites that truly boasts some stunning features. More importantly, our websites are compatible with various browsers and will surely meet and exceed the client's expectations.

    -Angular JS Development

    We believe that usage of AngularJS in order to decrease the load on developers and doing web application development as fast as possible can be a really wise decision, especially if you are running out of time and want to have your website ready and running within a short time frame. It is mostly due the data sync, which is automatic between the view and model components. This both-direction data binding is one of the most distinguishing and welcomed features of AngularJS. And our highly competent team of AngularJS developers can build your web applications promptly and without additional complications. Furthermore, we at your disposal 24/7, for any advice, assistance or technical support regarding your project and we will gladly help you.

    Want to go mobile? We think it's a great idea!

    We believe that going mobile is an excellent choice, especially nowadays when smartphones have become an inseparable part of our reality. And one of the greatest challenges of creating mobile website designs is about making it highly responsive and pleasant for users while navigating it. We have a vast experience in designing UI and UX precisely for mobile devices. We are taking into account various aspects, such as different screen resolutions in order to achieve our goals. We want to deliver web layouts that are mobile friendly. We utilize only the newest web technologies, such as HTML5 and Bootstrap framework to ensure your website is a mobile device friendly and because we wouldn't want for your customers to experience any issues while navigating your website.

    Back-end development: Magento & Laravel frameworks

    Ever heard of Magento? This is the most popular eCommerce platform for countless online stores across the world. It is dominant in European, North American and Australian markets with brands like Nike and Skype using Magento on their web store front. One of its most significant features is custom website development, which permits a client to upload numerous products and categories. Magento is simply built to adjust and boost eCommerce websites. Here, one will find everything substantial for their eCommerce business, including the unparalleled inventory, flawless payment management system and even detailed analytics and other marketing tools. On the other hand, the Magento development requires better knowledge of PHP and higher skill set than most other CMS. Our senior developers have a considerable Magento work experience that guarantees amazing results.

    On the other hand, Laravel is an open-source PHP based web application framework that has established itself as one of the best frameworks in just three years. It offers a comprehensive ORM, queue library, routing and authentication in order to manage web application with high precision. Also, it boasts a clean, modular packaging system allowing developers to add necessary features to different applications. Our web design teams enjoy working in Laravel since they are able to create extensible and reliable websites that are additionally secured via password encryption that keeps malevolent users away. At Chord Agency, we offer supreme quality yet affordable PHP website development solutions through Laravel. We use only the latest technology tools to help you with the most contemporary and stable web development solutions such as web development, bundle development, API development, and maintenance with a responsive and 24/7 available customer support for Laravel issues and improvements.

    UX Design and High Degree Interaction Design (UI)

    Interaction is by definition related to interaction between people and their environment. Our interaction designers are not only concerned with interaction between users and computers. We are aware that nurturing a relationship with the customers is essential if you want your business to blossom. Therefore, it is not only important to make a great-looking website, you would like a website that your customers can interact with, because it can lead you directly into better business opportunities. It is crucial for your customers to feel comfortable while interacting with your business, presented in a form of a website. This way, you can earn their loyalty and gain multiple benefits and ensure a future growth.

    The UX process can be characterized by following elements:

    • Goal-inspired design (we want to be sure we are on the same page with client and we are oriented towards bringing their ideas to reality)
    • Pleasant interactions (we don't want just a great-looking site, we want to incorporate all the key elements to ensure a remarkable interaction experience as well)
    • Uncompromised usability (this element is in a close relation with the interactive feature)
    • Continuing improvements (in order to achieve the goals and deliver sleek website design)

    Also, we cherish positive project owner-client relationship, and we strongly believe that delivering a product of unmatched quality that came as a result of a dedication and hard-work indeed speaks for itself. Sloppiness has never been our thing, and we want both our customers and us to benefit from the success of our website design products and services.

    We care about our clients