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    Web application development

    Chord Agency delivers transformative solutions when it comes to web application development. We believe this challenging task must be in line with the settings of the client's business. This is why we never write the codes before making sure we are on the same page with our clients. Moreover, we encourage our clients to actively participate in the process by giving us all sorts of feedback so we are sure in the end that we have achieved precisely what they wanted all along. In the end, all we want is to provide a client with a flawless solution that will be in harmony with their business goals and needs.

    The importance of Web Application Development for Startups and Companies

    First of all, it is important to mention that we take care of usability, client's overall business strategy as well as the current conditions in the market. Also, we are performing various experiments with focus groups and client's core users before releasing the app. And we are paying equal attention to all our clients. They deserve it.

    On the other hand, we are entirely aware that web application development and the application maintenance has become a challenging task. This is why we are here to deliver web applications for startups and companies that have already realized the importance of having proper application that will reflect their business or help people connect in order to exchange information, stay up-to date etc. And one of the most important aspects of Web applications is that they are at any moment available both to existing and potential customers, remote staff and so on. We believe this can be an essential tool in communication, sales, HR services etc. In the end, we believe that deeds speak for themselves, and our considerable portfolio of web application development projects only confirms that we already have a great deal experience in work with many names, small and big, that have put their trust in us.

    The fact is that technology advances incontinently and programming conditions change continuously in order to keep up with the ever-evolving technology needs. However, we are proud to say that we are constantly following the situation by assessing the current programming trends. This way, we are able to come up with exciting and innovative solutions, to the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients.

    We Are the Right Choice for Harmonious Web Applications

    We use only the structured framework programming, including the most successful practices and coding standards. Some of our main advantages include:

    • Well-versed and experienced team of gifted professionals
    • Structured framework and constructive development
    • Coding Instructions and principles
    • Neat code and APIs
    • Compatibility with multiple browsers
    • Really maintainable code
    • Solid version control system
    • User friendly Interfaces
    • Performance and load testing
    • Keeping the pace with contemporary technology

    How we do the things

    Our web application development tools are created to make it easy for software development department to build an information management application that entirely relies on web technologies. Consequently, it is crucial for software developers to work closely with web designers who are creating user interface (the page layout and images, for instance). The role of software developers is to add the components that interact with the apps running on the server.

    Chord agency provides plenty of useful tools for web application development, depending on client's specific needs. Our diligent and talented programmers are trained in following the guidelines strictly, which means that there is always room left for a future growth. We can freely say that we follow coding standards and frameworks which results in smooth running and user-friendly web applications that are highly interactive with an emphasis on critical performance. Our final aim is to deliver a well-structured and consistent product, and we strongly believe that we are successful at this.

    A Bit More about Web Application Development process

    - Defining aims, purpose and road to follow - primary concept
    As we have already mentioned above, the app development process is a complex one, for first we must determine the future plan with approximate deadlines. We want to achieve the desired goal, so this is a first step towards it.
    - Defining audience and security documents - Users and accessibility
    This understands creating an extensive analytic report which includes some of key elements such as kind of audience for usability purposes, type and level of access, type of audience for planning a security level and other statistics on audience.
    - A list of functional specifications for a summary document - Thinking one step ahead
    Although this usually counts as the project owner's duty, it can have multiple benefits for both sides. We are talking about a comprehensive document on technical specifications and functionalities that web application needs to achieve, and although it can become quite overwhelming at some point, especially if it is about a large project, it is important part of the web application development process mainly because it can help prevent any future misunderstandings between the project owner and web developer.
    - The selection of technology, web application structure and deadlines - Plans and estimations
    This is practically the blueprint of the technology and platform selection, development environment, web application development structure and framework. It also explains the technology used, licenses, versions and future forecasts. Also, it serves to identify the end dates for the Web Application's characteristics or modules.
    - Interface design
    As we have already mentioned, one of the best indicators of web application success is an ease of use that leads directly to a user-friendly experience. Our team of experts creates a sort of the visual guide and once the application interface and interaction modules are given the green light we are one step closer to designing the interface.
    - Web application development - Concrete actions
    Once the interface design is realized, our gifted team of creative individuals is performing the following actions regarding the web application development itself, such as choosing the web application architecture and framework, designing the database structure, customizing the web application module and libraries. The finals steps are completion of development and implementation of all functionalities, in-depth testing and fixing the bugs.

    Frameworks, Libraries and Program Languages That We Use

    At Chord Agency we work closely with the clients in order to choose the best programming framework that will suit their specific needs. These are just some of the frameworks we found comfortable working with: Laravel PHP Framework, Angular PHP Framework, Phalcon PHP Framework, Symfony PHP Framework, Yii PHP Framework, Ruby on Rails, .NET and CodeIgniter PHP Framework, just to mention a few. We are also skilled in following frameworks and libraries, such as: AngularJS, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, MooTools, Ext JS, Google Closure Library, Underscore.js,Node.js and many others. We are also specialized in many program languages such as: PHP, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, C#, C and Ruby.

    Our development team has a considerable experience in SQL database programming and customized business database programming. We are using only the most advanced tools in order to create excellent applications that are fit to use on various server platforms. We are also performing various tests as an integral part of a development process, such as the stress tests in order to make sure that an application can handle a great number of visitors. This also includes QA testing of every possible interaction with the application because we want to make sure that all features are working perfectly before launching it to the public.

    On the other hand, usability is also one of the key segments of a successful application that can bring various benefits such as user-friendly experience that is directly related to the business image and additionally can affect a successful branding strategy. We also provide many website management tools that help you stay in control of your website application, in terms of making changes or updating the content. Further, we are implementing high-level security procedure steps to keep your application safe for use.

    The Significance of Web Application Development for Startups

    If you are new in the business and you are looking for web application development services, this means you are a half way down to success. The experience has shown that good web applications can have numerous benefits on startups, especially if you are working on your branding strategy as well. On the other hand, revamping an existing web app can also help you expand your business, get the wider reach and increase the number of potential customers.

    We are aware that the choice of web application Development Company is not easy to make, but we are here to offer impeccable package of web development services, especially tailored for startups and creative individuals, which comply with all contemporary trends and technologies. Our project always results in highly-interactive and well-devised web applications that are easy to use and guarantee pleasant experience, which will certainly grant you a return on investment and help you plan a future growth and scalability. Moreover, we are offering web application development services that are compatible with your marketing and branding strategies such as social media integration for example.

    The truth is there are growing demands for companies to build web applications. And the impact of well-built and developed web application should not be neglected as well. An example of a good app can successfully reach and service a huge number of customers. Moreover, it can generate significant incomes from consumers and numerous advertisers.

    Here are some of the good reasons for startups and companies to build web applications:

    • Centralization of internal departments and functions, operations, sales and project management, etc.
    • Taking advantage of a web located application's versatility and resilience, by switching from the old school desktop application platform to the online application platform
    • Gaining more clients or better service for their existing clients by offering adequate services and solutions online
    • Brand-new web applications that will offer fresh services or solutions to online users and businesses

    All mentioned factors can have a tremendous impact on one's business by leading it in new and exciting direction, changing the way of handling it and offering a completely new perspective of a future management and possible benefits.

    We care about our clients