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    iOS & Android mobile apps

    Chord Agency is the mobile app development company that is entirely devoted to mobile application development on both Android and iOS platforms. We are proud to say we have singled out as one of the leading and renowned agencies that offer IT solutions to a diverse clientele from all around the world. We strive to provide our customers with the brilliant solutions that will continuously attract new users by granting a one of a kind experience. Also, we rely on nothing less than state-of-the art technology implementation combined with the expertise of our creative professionals, which are our main driving forces. Therefore, we are free to say we help our customers to achieve and surpass their business goals. Staying ahead of competition is quite hard these days, but we are always trying to deliver only the most convenient solutions to the table that will help our clients become leaders in their field of industry and our considerable portfolio witnesses about our previous achievements.

    We have realized that one of the greatest challenges of today lies in obtaining the true balance between business and IT goals. And Chord Agency tends to deliver harmonious solutions that come as a result of experience, dedicated work and passion. As one of the leading mobile app providers on the market that have proven their expertise by delivering customized mobile application that fit the business needs in various industries, we have managed to help many companies by offering startup app development services. We boast the years of experience of working with an eclectic base of clients and we are keeping up with the latest technologies, coupled with the considerable expertise and knowledge, which deservingly puts us on the map of the most desirable mobile application developers.

    Our enthusiastic and extremely talented team comprises of iOS and Android developers that put their heart and soul into designing and developing mobile app from the scratch to the final step. Moreover, every step and stage of the process are completely realized in a tight cooperation with our clients, meaning that we are constantly aiming towards the client’s utmost satisfaction with our product.

    It is not a secret that the mobile app development startup is a key segment in building a solid business, especially now when the world is becoming a smartphone-oriented society, thanks to plenty of mobile applications that makes everyday life easier when using a smartphone. Accordingly, every serious business owner should consider incorporating it in their business model in order to expand a potential market and reach new customers.

    When we’re talking about native mobile applications, it is important to emphasize that these are mobile applications that can be installed onto the mobile device via an application store (such as Google Play for android platform or Apple’s App Store for iOS platform). Also, a native app is designed for a specific device and its corresponding operating system, and thereby is able to access device-unique hardware and software, which means that the native apps can interact and take advantage of the ultimate technology available on mobile devices like a GPS, accelerometer, camera, compass, the list of contacts, notification system etc. Further, native apps work effectively in the offline mode also, which is a plus. Therefore, it is fully justified to say that mobile applications have already become a valuable tool in creating a successful business and some of the most important benefits that come with using native mobile applications are: the possibility of offline access, taking a full advantage of all the device’s features, an exceptional user service, flexible data synchronization as well as push capabilities.

    Chord agency offers native mobile application development services and is especially focused on designing and building high performance mobile apps. We are excellently equipped to offer solutions for all your mobile application development needs across a considerable range of industries and businesses. We have praiseworthy experience and expertise that helps us find the right balance between client requirements, platform regulations, and user experience. Our teams of mobile development experts eagerly design, develop and implement mobile solutions that tend to meet the client’s unique business needs. And in order to achieve this, our mobile app development team works intently with the clients to ensure that the development services adhere to the client’s needs and business requirements.

    The development of these custom mobile applications follows all up-to-date trends and the results are the apps that work on all major mobile operating systems such as IOS and android platforms. Our native mobile applications development services provide complete development and delivery of mobile applications, within the shortest period of time possible.

    When it comes to our mobile application development strategies, it goes like this: we start the development of the app with the aid of a simulator, and then we test the app on a concrete device (iPhone or iPad / Android). It is also important to mention that the code is set up in production only after the trials that resulted with success on Beta devices. These mentioned steps secure a fast debug course in order to remove any earlier issues that might have existed.

    Chord Agency is the great solution for development of native iOS & Android apps indeed because we take care of all phases of mobile app development, such as design, concept, development, testing and launching. Our exceptional team only focuses to deliver unmatched quality and economical services to meet a broad specter of requirements in order to help clients gain a significant return on investment for their mobile technology actions and implemented mobile marketing strategies. There is no doubt that mobile applications are constantly evolving, and so are we. And this is the only possible road to follow in order to stand up to the numerous challenges that always emerge in the micro universe of mobile applications. The arrival of iOS applications has redefined the concept of mobile app development standards all around the globe. Yet, Chord Agency has proven its courage in providing the exceptional and inventive iOS application development services worldwide. With the help of our creative minds, we have come up with a considerable variety of iOS apps for different devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. We take pride in an excellent knowledge, and we are absolutely ready to provide clear yet all-inclusive mobile applications that can easily take all sorts of job connected to one’s business or employees’ lifestyle straight to the virtual realm.

    At Chord Agency, we employ a team of competent iOS app developers and designers, who rely on already established methods and technical proficiency in delivering the amazing iOS mobile apps. Our team members have a tremendous knowledge of different iOS technologies, such as Objective C, iPhone SDK, Xcode IDE, Webkit programming, Swift Programming and so on. On the other hand, our programmers are completely capable to recognize the client’s primary requirement and deliver the expected apps promptly. Our diligent developers evaluate every single aspect of the application in order to make a powerful strategy that will lead them to code and deliver the business-oriented applications that can fulfill the demand of todays’ customers because we are the home of dedicated, inventive and gifted developers and designers. Some of the main advantages of opting precisely for the Chord Agency in order to get your iPhone application will not only grant you a wish to have an iPhone app, but it can also be beneficial due to some of the following reasons: Firstly, we offer the services that are highly cost-effective, meaning that our team uses out-of the-box approach and modern technology that automatically affects the cost of development and ensure better return on investment, which is a categorical imperative of a stable and successful business.

    Secondly, we offer an aid in marketing app, meaning that we help our clients to market the app in the right way. We do not consider our work done right after delivering the application. We like to think that it ends when the iOS applications emerge on the market. Also, we are very proud of our smooth management system, which means that we provide our clients with a transparent insight in the team of iOS app developers with an aid of the coherent project management system. Our app development crew is truly putting all their efforts in getting a highly desirable app for a client. In addition, we offer a great technical support; we care about our clients and we are eager to hear from them in every moment in order to handle their enquiries and help them solve potential problems within a short time frame.

    On the other hand, it is essential to mention out Android application development services as well. The fact is that Google Android has become the most used OS all around the world and at the moment, this platform is holding over 60% of the entire market share. Consequently, it has put on different demands related to mobile applications. Either way, our proactive and capable team members are continually coming up with amazing and comprehensive Android app development services. Further, we are free to say that Chord Agency has secured itself a place among the leading android app development agencies. Here, we use only the brand-new technology and confirmed strategies to program as well as to deliver a greatly interactive and feature-rich app that will certainly meet the requirements of our clients. Also, it is important to mention that all our developers are very experienced and comfortable working with various Android development frameworks and technologies such as Java, Android SDK, XML, Native development tools, just to mention a few.


    The other important aspect of our work and our loadstar so to say is a full cooperation and coordination among our diverse team that is comprised of developers, designers, and application development specialists. They all work in synergy in order to ensure that the respected clients will get the Android app that features every contemporary aspect that can provide the enjoyable experience coupled with unmatched performance. And taking advantage of Android application development service at Chord Agency is highly beneficial both in terms of cost-effectiveness and unparalleled quality. Also, it is relevant to mention that there are other perks of using our mobile apps development services such as value for money, which means that our team employ well-devised and strategic approach, which results in the cost-effective app and can generate better return on investment.

    Our information exchange enhanced system represents a modern communication system that encourages our clients to track down the Android App development and assure that everything is working well. Also, we boast a highly responsive and helpful customer support, for we care about our clients. Therefore, our technical support is 24/7 active and ready to hear and handle all the queries from the clients in an efficient and timely manner.

    We care about our clients