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    Branding & graphic design

    Here at Chord Agency, we are fully aware of the importance of adequate visual identity and its impact on the various aspects of the business. A great visual representation is not only the face of the company, especially nowadays; it is rather one of the key elements of the business success that should be thoroughly considered, because we absolutely believe that every industrious entrepreneur deserves to make the most of their hard work. Further, there is a wide audience out there, packed with potential customers expecting to see something fresh, new and inventive, something that will help them decide precisely for the specific product or service.

    This is why our team of devoted experts performs a meticulous marketing research in order to deliver appealing graphic solutions that will make your business look amazing by setting it apart from the sea of similar ones. And in the ever-growing world of competition, contemplating every segment of branding and visual identity appears to be crucial. There are many advantages that come along with the digital marketing and our team of gifted individuals carefully plans, researches, develops and creates high quality visual content that represents the very best of your business. In other words, Chord agency offers sophisticated branding solutions that will make your business look marvelous.

    We offer a wide range of branding and graphic design service, from logo designs, visual identity packages, re-branding strategies, business cards and business systems, brochures and catalogues, marketing materials, multimedia presentations, product packaging, and more. Furthermore, we are making sure that our customers build brand identity systems that will lead them straight to the top of the game, and that will sell their products and services. And this is not an easy task, especially in the fast-paced and continuously evolving, online world that constantly imposes new challenges and trends to follow.

    At Chord Agency, we have a team of well-versed professionals that are trained to deal with these kinds of obstacles, from market research solutions and targeted advertising to crafty graphic designing for any industry. We are familiar with all critical aspects of a successful branding and we are constantly trying to be one step forward when it comes to exceptional visual solutions, searching for ones that will entice the customers to take certain actions in your favor. We understand that the strong visual presence is a key segment of a good brand. And whilst offering high quality branding and graphic design services, we also provide cost-effective solutions that are in accordance with the return on investment philosophy, for we firmly believe that you should get the most value for your money.

    We are also proud to say we offer a wide scope of branding services, both for already established companies or smaller start-ups. Our valued clients get all the attention they deserve, and we open to all sorts of discussions regarding the brand concept planning. Our clients can get a full access to all we are doing, and are free to make suggestions and point the directions they think their brand should go. In other words, our work ethic is transparent and inclined towards delivering the excellent results to our clients. This way, clients get to work in synergy with our experienced professionals, or to participate in certain elements of the process they found important. No wonder we are coming to unique branding and graphic design solutions for various businesses!

    When it comes to logo design, we know that it all starts with a good first impression; moreover, it is sometimes decisive for how potential customers will perceive you and your business. Let’s face it, an appropriate logo is the heart and soul of your business and you would like to deliver a great message to your clients. Here at Chord Agency, we are putting all efforts in order to come up with fresh, unique, innovative and captivating solutions and if you browse our extensive portfolio, you will discover a rich archive of our previous works.

    On the other hand, brand identity design is a result of various marketing activities. During this complex process it is essential to stick to the primary objective, meaning that it is crucial for a brand to be poignant, easily recognizable and catchy. So far, we have created strong brand identities for diverse clientele. We are sticking to the philosophy that there are no two identical companies, so we are approaching this segment by taking time to understand the client’s unique needs and challenges they are facing with. This way, we are ready to deliver brand identity that is coherent and homogenous.

    Chord Agency also offers trendy print designs both for traditional and digital applications. We are covering all, including business cards, flyers, posters and various digital visual solutions that will certainly make an impact in the online world and render your business image as a distinguishing one.

    Also, our logo design service for small business is one of our priorities for we have a vast experience in working with small businesses, startups and individuals. This is a very challenging task because we are entirely aware that small business owners long for solutions that are more economical yet effective. Nevertheless, we are offering this and even more, in terms of revisions and developments until the client is completely satisfied. We consider that a high quality graphic design services understand hiring professional logo designers that will dedicate their time, passion and ideas equally to all clients, while providing them with high-grade design solutions. And here at Chord Agency, we vouch that your new image will completely represent your business, ideas and values.

    Also, we offer company logo services that are custom-tailored in order to meet and exceed your expectations. We are proud to say that our graphic design solutions are timeless, elegant and will definitely single you out from the crowd and help you win the potential clients or increase the base of the existing ones.

    On the other hand, we are also prepped for the situations where clients believe their current logo is outdated; it appears unprofessional or something like that. If this is the case, Chord Agency is here to assist the clients with innovative, refreshing solutions in terms of re-branding and redesign services. A complete redesign of the current visual identity can be essential if one wants to beat their competitors and pave the way for their services or products on the market. Many business owners think that is impossible to win the competition, especially if the latter have built their image in accordance with the latest trends, but we strongly believe that undying yet sophisticated logo designs that we are offering to our clients will resist the ravages of time and pass any test with the flying colors.

    Additionally, we are here for clients in search of strategies regarding the company rebranding. We are aware that sometimes the client is occupied with a demanding workload and or is not even aware that the time has passed and their business image has become obsolete. This case requires more complex approach that goes beyond just coming up with a new logo. Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with the client in order to come to the very core of understanding what is the key message of their business and try to direct the company in the place they are heading for. Also, we are evaluating every element in the business that we found decisive for the future steps regarding the rebranding process. And there are many reasons why company rebranding services should help one’s business. Firstly, this way one may easily merge their individual goals, avoid negative comments and feedback in general, and secondly, this can be a great opportunity to bring the loyalty back and to refresh and restore the business image in its entirety.

    Further, we are here to provide brand consultation services for clients that would like to grow their business, but are not quite sure how to do it. Chord Agency offers creative approach and constructive ideas that are essential for structured and stable growth as well as guaranteed success. This includes various types of website reviews or consultancies on branding across various social media that are becoming powerful mediums where one have the chance to promote their brand in the exciting new ways.


    Our services also include business card design that comes as a result of already devised logo and successfully realized branding process. And once the brand is represented in a consistent matter, it is time for it to incarnate in a physical form. This practically means that we need to make sure that the brand is well-presented on a business card or other stationery design pieces. A business card represents a business in small and therefore should properly introduce one’s business to potential customers in an actual, person-to-person environment. Consequently, it needs to be the true embodiment of business rendering one as a trustworthy seller, or service provider, which coaxes clients to act.

    We are all familiar with the fact that when it comes to getting new contacts, networking or attending various meetings or conferences the exchange of business cards is simply a must. This can be a powerful promotional tool and our team of expert designers already has a great deal of experience in creating neat, attractive and professional looking solutions for business cards that will certainly make a great first impression. We can also provide the assistance with a business literature, including company brochure design, service manuals, product catalogs, corporate newsletters etc. For instance, brochure design is an important aspect of business marketing, where successful businesses get to offer not only a digital copy but also a physical, printed form. This is substantial in order to make your brand radiate consistency in every occasion.

    Chord Agency aims at creating solutions that will work in both real and digital world, with specific versions for the each, offering the highest quality printing samples that are also revamped for email, screen, or online use. This means that when the client releases the latest editions of the company brochure, they can participate in further marketing campaigns such as email attachments or online downloads. And bigger the reach, the better is the chance of obtaining new customers directly through a freshly designed brochure. A well-designed brochure cover and well-organized layout will convince a potential client or customer that your company will offer them what they need. This is a proof that every element of branding, visual identity and graphic solutions are mutually depending on each other, and Chord Agency offers professional services that simply have it all covered.

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